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Friday, February 20, 2015

Today Friday, February 20th, is My February 2015 Update

Today at 2pm I will be opening my February 2015 Update with a mixture of early German Bibles, some very nice painted antiques, and a whole host of other items. I love early leather bound books and this month I have found some that are absolutely wonderful.
These early books include four songbooks, a Mennonite Catechism, a true 'Luther Bible", and a Catholic Guide to Heaven. Two of the songbooks are mid-19th century German Baptist Church hymnals. This people in this sect are also called 'Dunkers' because their belief in adult baptism that includes complete immersion for their baptism ceremony. Dunkers are an Anabaptist sect and immigrated to Pennsylvania in the 1700's with many migrating to other states over the years. Another names for this sect are 'Church of the Brethren' and the 'United Brethren in Christ. These are two wonderful little hymnals.
Another German songbook that will be in today's update is an 1834 Mennonite Songbook for Children with both of its clasps intact and that wonderful raised spine. How fabulous for children to have their own songbook!
This songbook is 181 years old and is in fabulous condition. I love those clasps and to find these early books with their covers and clasps intact is amazing! There is an 1836 'Luther Bible' that is a word for word copy of the original Luther Bible that was a direct translation from the ancient Hebrew and Greek. The first copy was printed in 1534. To see the other leather bound books available in this update, please make sure to check out my website this afternoon - February 20, 2015 at 2 pm EST.